Sunday, June 14, 2015

Times Square

Let me admit from the start that James Chance sat down at my table in the Student Union coffee shop, and asked me  
Is this seat taken?
Hey old buddy, I extended a hand.  What are you doing here? 
Good coffee with an old friend, Chance said casually.
Here in Chapel Hill?  
Chance tried out inscrutable, but it did not really work for him.
Chance, a good-looking man uncertain age West Indian cheekbones and facial features, light brown eyes seen next at the Survival Hut Annex Next Door: making people nervous.  
He was insane, and did not hide it, like some kind of asset in his work. He asked things like:  Was the argument between the black bloc and the Arab League before or after he brought up the bombs?  Were there plants?   
Then he and the Arab fellow were seen later talking to Professor Trenton who as a faculty member was not allowed into the meeting itself.  Some said the professor picked Malouf up and one of the black bandannas went away with them.  What was that all about?  Was it true?  

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